Ultimate Power Solution: TESSAN 7-in-1 Charging Station for Travel, Office, and More

Ultimate Power Solution: TESSAN 7-in-1 Charging Station for Travel, Office, and More

Welcome to ⁢our product review blog post, where ⁣we’ll be​ sharing our firsthand experience with the Flat Plug Power ‍Strip by TESSAN. ⁢This ultra-thin‍ extension cord‍ with 3 ⁢USB wall chargers​ and ⁤4 outlets is a must-have for anyone looking to stay organized and powered up in various settings – ⁤from travel to the office, school, ⁤dorm room, and beyond.

With⁤ 4 widely spaced ‍AC outlets, this power strip can accommodate 4 big⁤ plugs simultaneously ⁣without blocking each other. This makes it perfect‌ for bedrooms, hotels, offices, and⁢ dorm rooms where space is often limited.

But it doesn’t stop there – the 3 USB​ ports, including⁣ 1 USB C port, can detect charged devices ​and provide ​charging speeds up to 3A. This means⁣ you can⁢ easily charge your earphones, cell phone, tablet, and other USB devices without the need for separate chargers.

One⁢ of the standout ⁣features ​of this power⁣ strip⁢ is ​its ​space-saving⁢ design. The flat plug and flat extension ⁤cord allow the⁢ power⁢ cord to ‌sit close to the wall,⁣ making it easy to hide behind furniture, beds,​ and even refrigerators. ‍And with a thickness of only 0.31 inches, the flat ‍plug doesn’t ‍take up unnecessary space, making it perfect for tight spots.

In ⁤addition, the flat extension‌ cord doesn’t bulge when laid underneath carpets, and its ⁢anti-slip rubber feet keep it​ securely in place. This not only reduces the risk of tripping ​but also adds to the overall durability of the‌ power strip.

Another great feature of this power ⁢strip is its ⁣versatility. It ⁤is cruise ship ​approved and⁢ lightweight, making it the ideal travel charging ‌station for all your electronic appliances. Its voltage compatibility of 100~250V AC 50/60Hz and power rating ⁤of 1250W, 10A⁣ Max, 125V~ ensure that it can handle various power‍ requirements.

Overall, the Flat Plug Power Strip by TESSAN is ⁣a⁢ reliable and ⁢efficient charging solution ⁢that ​offers convenience, space-saving design, and versatility. Join us as we delve deeper into our experience with this product, exploring its pros and cons, customer reviews, ⁤and more.

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Overview ⁣of⁤ the ‍Flat Plug ‍Power ‍Strip, ‌TESSAN 5 ft​ Ultra Thin Extension ⁣Cord

Ultimate Power Solution: TESSAN 7-in-1 Charging Station for Travel, Office, and More插图
The Flat Plug Power Strip, TESSAN 5 ft⁢ Ultra Thin Extension Cord is a versatile charging station that offers convenience and efficiency. With‌ 4 widely spaced ‍AC outlets, it can⁤ accommodate 4 big plugs simultaneously⁢ without blocking ⁤each other. This makes ​it perfect for use in bedrooms, hotels, ⁢offices, and dorm rooms. ‌Additionally, it features 2 ‌types of USB ports that can detect charged devices and ‌provide charging speeds​ of up to 3A. This⁢ makes it ​ideal for ⁤charging devices like earphones, cell ⁣phones, and tablets. ⁤

One of the standout features of this power strip ‍is its ​space-saving design. The slim flat plug‌ sits close to‍ the wall, allowing ‍the ⁤power ⁢cord to easily hide behind furniture, beds, and refrigerators. The flat extension‌ cord doesn’t⁤ bulge ⁤when laid underneath ​carpets, reducing the risk‍ of tripping and ‌making it virtually⁢ unnoticeable when stepped on.

The⁣ power⁣ strip also‌ offers⁤ wide-spaced outlets ​that can accommodate⁣ slightly larger power adapters without blocking adjacent outlets. This feature not only saves space but ​also helps keep your desktop organized. Additionally, the power ‍strip includes 3 USB charging ports, including‌ a USB C port, ‍which offers charging speeds of up to‌ 15W. ​However, it’s important⁤ to note that the USB C port is not Quick Charger 3.0 compatible. ‌

To ensure stability and ⁤prevent⁣ slipping, the power strip is equipped with 4 anti-slip ⁣rubber feet on the bottom. The 5ft cord ⁣is flexible enough for various⁤ applications, making it ideal for travel, office use, and ​school ⁤dorm‌ rooms. The power ‌strip ‍is lightweight and compact, making it ⁣easy to carry ‍around‍ and the ultimate ⁣travel charging ‌station ‍for‍ your​ electronic‍ appliances.⁣ The voltage compatibility of⁢ 100~250V AC 50/60Hz‍ and power rating of 1250W, 10A ⁤Max, 125V~ make it ⁤suitable for use in ‍different⁣ countries.

Overall, the⁢ Flat Plug Power Strip, TESSAN 5 ft​ Ultra Thin Extension Cord⁣ offers a convenient⁤ and‌ space-saving solution for⁤ all your charging needs. With its multiple outlets, USB ports, and slim design, it is an essential addition to any ‍home, ⁣office, or travel setup. If you’re looking​ for a⁢ versatile and reliable power‌ strip, we highly recommend ⁤checking ‍out ‌the Flat Plug Power Strip, TESSAN 5 ‌ft Ultra Thin Extension Cord.⁢

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Highlighting​ the Sleek Design and Versatile Functionality of the Flat Plug Power Strip

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The TESSAN Flat Plug Power Strip offers a sleek design and versatile functionality that makes it a ‍must-have for any home, office, or dorm⁣ room. Its flat plug and ultra-thin flat extension cord ​allow it to​ sit close to the wall, easily hiding behind furniture and appliances. This not only‍ saves space but ⁤also reduces the⁢ risk of tripping over ​bulky cords.

With four​ widely⁣ spaced⁢ AC outlets, this power strip⁣ can accommodate ‍larger plugs ​without blocking adjacent outlets. This‌ feature is perfect for those with big ⁢power adapters or multiple devices that need to be ‌plugged in at the same time.‍ Additionally, the power ​strip comes equipped with⁢ three USB ports, including one USB C port,‌ which can charge devices at‍ speeds of up to 3A. This makes it ⁤ideal for ⁤charging cell phones,⁣ tablets, ⁣and other USB devices.

To add to its versatility, the TESSAN ⁤Flat⁣ Plug ‍Power Strip is also cruise ship approved⁢ and lightweight, making it the perfect⁢ travel companion. Its ⁤compact size allows it to easily fit in suitcases and backpacks, ensuring that you⁤ can stay powered ⁣up ⁢on the go.​ Moreover, the power strip is mountable,⁢ with⁣ two convenient mounting holes that allow for secure ⁤installation‍ in various applications such as workbenches or under counters.

Overall, the TESSAN Flat Plug Power Strip offers a sleek design,⁤ versatile functionality, and convenient features that make it ‍a⁤ top choice⁤ for all your charging needs. Don’t miss out on this must-have power strip – get yours today and stay‌ powered up wherever ⁣you ‌go!

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In-depth Analysis of the Performance and ‌Safety Features of the TESSAN Power Strip

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When it comes to performance ‍and safety, the TESSAN‌ Power Strip has got you covered. ‍With⁤ its 7-in-1 ⁣charging station design, this power⁣ strip is⁢ ideal for various settings such as bedrooms,‌ hotels, offices, and dorm rooms. Let’s delve into its standout ⁤features.

  1. Space-Saving Flat Plug: The TESSAN Power ‌Strip ⁣is equipped with a slim 0.31 inch flat‍ plug, allowing​ the power cord to sit close to the wall.⁣ Say goodbye to ⁣wasted space behind furniture or appliances. ⁢Plus,‍ the flat extension cord design doesn’t ⁢bulge when laid ⁣underneath carpets, reducing the risk of tripping.

  2. Widely Spaced Outlets: This power strip addresses the common issue of large power adapters blocking adjacent outlets.⁤ With its widely spaced outlets, you can easily plug in big power adapters without blocking ​the​ other outlets. This feature not only ​saves space​ but⁣ also keeps your desktop organized.

  3. Versatile USB Ports: The TESSAN Power Strip boasts three USB ports, including one ⁣USB-C port.‍ These ports can detect⁤ charged devices and provide charging ‍speeds of up to ‌3A. Whether you‍ need to charge your phone, tablet, or⁣ earphones, this ‍power strip has you covered.

  4. Anti-Slip Rubber Feet: Prevent accidental ⁣slips and​ slides with the TESSAN Power⁤ Strip’s four anti-slip rubber​ feet. These feet keep⁤ the power strip in place, ensuring stability and safety.

Overall, the TESSAN Power Strip impresses with its‍ performance and safety features. Whether you’re in need of a space-saving solution, ​versatile charging options, ⁤or a reliable power​ strip for travel, this product is worth considering.

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Recommendations and Final Thoughts on the​ TESSAN Flat Plug Power Strip

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After thoroughly reviewing⁤ the⁣ TESSAN Flat Plug Power Strip, we highly recommend it for its functionality and convenience. Here are ⁤our final thoughts on⁢ this versatile ​charging station:

  1. Space-Saving Design: The ‍slim and flat plug of the TESSAN power strip allows it ‌to sit close to the wall, making⁢ it easy ‍to hide behind​ furniture or appliances.‌ The flat extension cord also stays flat ‌when placed ⁣under the carpet, reducing the risk of ‌tripping. This design is perfect⁤ for those who want ​to save space and keep ​their‌ surroundings⁣ organized.

  2. Multiple Charging Options: With 4 widely spaced ⁢AC outlets and​ 3 USB ports (including 1 USB​ C port), this power strip can charge up to​ 7‌ devices simultaneously, without blocking each other. The USB​ ports deliver⁣ optimal charging speeds, making it suitable for various devices such as cell phones, tablets, and earphones. Plus, it is versatile for use in⁣ different indoor spaces‌ like homes, offices, and dorm rooms.

  3. Compact and Travel-Friendly: Weighing ⁢only‍ 0.41oz,⁣ this power strip ​is incredibly lightweight, making it ⁣ideal for⁤ travel and business trips. Its compact size allows it to‌ easily fit into suitcases, backpacks, and handbags. Additionally, it does not feature surge protection, making it a must-have for cruise ship use.

  4. Mountable and Secure: The ‌TESSAN power strip features two mounting holes, allowing for secure installation in various applications such as workbenches, wall mounts,⁣ and under counters. The four rubber feet⁢ at the bottom provide⁤ stability and​ prevent slipping or sliding.

In conclusion, ⁤the TESSAN Flat Plug ‍Power Strip is a highly recommendable and⁣ versatile ⁢charging station. Its space-saving design, multiple charging options, compactness for⁤ travel, ⁣and mountable feature make it a reliable⁤ and convenient choice for all your charging needs. Don’t miss out on this essential device – get yours today and enjoy the ‍benefits it offers!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Ultimate Power Solution: TESSAN 7-in-1 Charging Station for Travel, Office, and More插图4

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer ⁢reviews for the TESSAN 5 ft Ultra Thin Extension ⁢Cord with 3 USB Wall Charger, here are our key findings:

  1. The flat plug design is highly⁤ praised for‌ its convenience and space-saving ⁢benefits.
  2. The compact and sleek⁢ design ‌of the‍ power strip‌ makes⁤ it suitable for travel and ⁣on-the-go use.
  3. The dedicated USB ‍C⁣ port is ‍a standout‍ feature, ⁣providing quick‌ and efficient charging ⁣for USB C devices.
  4. The multiple ​AC outlets allow for simultaneous charging ⁢of multiple devices,‍ catering to the⁢ needs of busy ⁣individuals.
  5. The power strip’s surge protection feature provides​ peace of mind and helps protect valuable electronics from potential damage.

These findings are consistent across multiple customer ⁢reviews and highlight the functionality​ and convenience offered by the TESSAN 5 ⁣ft Ultra Thin Extension Cord‌ with 3 USB Wall Charger. It is no surprise that‌ many customers highly recommend this product ⁢for those in need of a‍ reliable‍ and versatile power strip.

Customer ​Review Highlights

Customer‍ Review Highlights
“This was‌ even more ⁤slim-lined ⁢than⁢ I imagined! Works perfect behind our cabinet without leaving a big ⁤gap ⁣where our old plug stuck out.” Lauds the ‌slim design and ⁢practicality of the power strip.
“I just bought a second ‌one of⁢ these for my house ⁢and I am planning on getting two more. They are great and⁤ work ​really well. I ​mostly⁣ like how the plug is completely flat, so I have​ it plugged in behind my bed. I have even brought it with me when staying at hotels, hospitals and family​ members houses.” Highlights the versatility‍ and portability of the power strip.
“Needed to add some plug​ space behind my TV. Seems nowadays things are powered by USB, so this was definitely a convenience to‍ eliminate the wall bricks and open ⁢up a⁣ plug or ⁣two. ⁣It feels ​solid and⁣ gives the indicator light.​ Works well‍ and does the job nicely.” Appreciates​ the ‌convenience and functionality ​of the power strip for TV setups.
“This plug is flat, sits ‍against the wall and frees up the other plug⁤ to use for other things. Great, simple ​design.” Compliments⁤ the design and practicality of the flat plug.
“Me gusto ⁢mucho, es muy funcional,⁤ practico y de​ buena‍ calidad” Praises ‌the⁤ functionality, practicality, and quality⁤ of the power strip.

These customer reviews provide a‍ glimpse into the positive experiences of TESSAN 5 ft⁢ Ultra⁢ Thin Extension Cord with 3‍ USB Wall Charger users. The overall sentiment is ⁣overwhelmingly positive, with ⁢customers highlighting the convenience, functionality, and quality ⁤of ​the product. We agree with these sentiments ⁤and highly recommend this power strip‍ for anyone seeking a reliable ​and​ versatile charging​ solution.

Pros & Cons

Ultimate Power Solution: TESSAN 7-in-1 Charging Station for Travel, Office, and More插图5
1. Space-saving design: The slim and flat plug design of the‍ TESSAN power strip allows it ⁢to ‌sit close to the wall, saving space and making it easy to hide behind furniture.
2. Multiple charging options: With 4⁣ AC outlets and ‍3 USB⁤ ports, ‌the power strip can charge up⁤ to 7 devices simultaneously, ⁢making it⁣ perfect for home, office, or dorm room use.
3. USB C port:​ The inclusion of a USB C port allows ​for fast charging of compatible devices,⁣ providing even ⁤more ‌charging options.
4. Portable and‌ lightweight: Weighing only 0.41 ounces, this power strip is lightweight ‌and ⁣easy to carry, making it ideal for travel and business trips.
5. Mountable design: The power strip ⁤features 2 mounting holes, allowing for secure installation in various applications such⁣ as workbenches, walls, ‍or under⁤ counters.
6. Anti-slip rubber feet: The ‍4 rubber ​feet on the bottom⁤ of the power strip prevent‌ it from slipping and sliding, providing⁣ stability‌ and safety.
7. Voltage compatibility: The power strip is ‌compatible with voltages⁤ ranging⁤ from 100-250V AC 50/60Hz, making it suitable for use ⁣in multiple⁢ countries.


  1. No surge protection: The TESSAN ⁣power strip does ⁢not offer surge‌ protection, which may be a drawback for those looking for added ​safety for their devices.
  2. Limited USB C ports: While the power strip ⁢does⁤ feature a USB C port, it only includes one, which may‍ not be ⁢sufficient for users with multiple USB C devices.
  3. Limited cord ​length: The extension ⁣cord of the power strip ‍is 5 feet⁢ long, which⁢ may be too short for some users who need a longer reach.
  4. Higher price point: At a price of $49.99, the TESSAN power ⁤strip may ​be considered expensive compared to other ⁣options on the‍ market.


    Q: Is this power ‍strip ‌suitable for travel?
    A: ⁢Yes, this ‌power strip is‌ designed with ⁣a compact and lightweight⁤ design, making it easy⁢ to carry around.‌ It is the ultimate travel charging station for ‍your⁢ electronic appliances.

Q: Can I charge multiple devices ‌at once with this power ​strip?
A: Absolutely! The TESSAN 7-in-1‌ Charging Station features 4 AC⁣ outlets and 3 USB ports, allowing you to charge up to 7 ​devices simultaneously without ⁣blocking each other.

Q: Can I use this power strip in my ⁣dorm room?
A: ‌Yes, this power‌ strip is ideal for dorm rooms. Its space-saving design and widely spaced⁣ outlets‍ accommodate big power⁤ adapters without blocking adjacent‌ outlets, saving⁤ you space ⁣and keeping your desktop ⁣organized.

Q: Does‍ this power strip have ⁣surge protection?
A: No, this power strip does not ⁢have⁤ surge ‌protection. However, it ⁣is lightweight, compact, and perfect‍ for carrying around ‍during your travels.

Q: Can⁤ this power strip be mounted on⁢ a wall or under a counter?
A: Yes, it can! The TESSAN 7-in-1 Charging Station features 2 mounting holes, allowing you to securely install it⁢ in various applications⁣ such as ​workbenches, wall ​mounts, floor mounts, under ⁤counters, and more.

Q: Is ‌the power cord ⁢of this power strip ​flexible?
A: Yes, ​the power cord is ​5 feet⁣ long and flexible enough​ for various‌ applications.

Q: Can I use⁢ the USB ports to charge my cell phone ‍and tablet?
A: Absolutely! The USB ports‌ on this power‌ strip‍ can detect charged devices and⁤ provide charging speeds up to 3A.⁢ It is compatible with⁤ various USB devices such as‌ cell phones, tablets,​ earphones, and​ more.

Q: Can I hide⁣ the power cord behind furniture or appliances?
A: Yes, ⁢you can! The slim design of​ the flat plug ​allows the power cord to sit close to the wall, making⁣ it easy to hide behind furniture, ‍beds, refrigerators, and other⁣ appliances.

Q: Is the ⁤USB C port a Quick Charger 3.0?
A: ⁢No, the USB C port⁤ is⁤ not a Quick Charger 3.0. However, it features a charging speed of 3A, delivering optimal charging speed for your USB devices.

Q:‍ Does this power ‍strip work with different⁣ voltages?
A: Yes, the voltage compatibility of this power ‌strip‌ is 100~250V AC⁢ 50/60Hz, making it suitable⁣ for use in various countries.

Remember to always read and⁢ follow the product instructions and ‍guidelines for ​proper‌ and safe use.

Experience ‌the Difference

In conclusion,⁢ the TESSAN 7-in-1 Charging ‌Station is the ultimate ⁤power ⁤solution for your travel, office, ‍and more. With its ‌versatile features and compact design, it ⁣offers convenience⁤ and functionality wherever you go. The 4⁤ widely spaced AC outlets and ⁤3 USB ports allow you⁣ to charge multiple devices simultaneously without any blocking. The flat plug​ and extension cord save‌ space and reduce the risk of⁣ tripping, ‍making it perfect for ‍any environment. Additionally, the mounting holes and rubber ⁣feet provide stability and security. Whether you’re at home,​ on a cruise ship, or in a⁤ dorm room, this charging ⁣station will meet all your‍ power⁣ needs. Don’t‍ miss out on this fantastic ⁣product – get your TESSAN 7-in-1 Charging‌ Station today!

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