Review: HTC U11 LCD & Digitizer Assembly- Black Glue Card Included

Review: HTC U11 LCD & Digitizer Assembly- Black Glue Card Included

We recently had the opportunity to try​ out the LCD ⁣& Digitizer Assembly for‍ HTC U11 in Black, complete with a handy Glue Card included. As a⁢ team of tech enthusiasts, we ⁣were eager to test out this product‍ and see⁤ how it performed. With a 60-day warranty and the convenience of ‌having ⁢a Glue Card ‍included,​ we were ⁣curious to see if this⁢ assembly would live up to our expectations. Join us as we dive into our review of this essential component for the HTC U11.

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After using⁢ the LCD & Digitizer Assembly for HTC U11 (Black) with the included Glue Card, we are thoroughly impressed with its performance.​ The assembly seamlessly integrates with the HTC ‍U11, providing crystal-clear display⁣ and responsive touch functionality. The 60-day‌ warranty offers peace of⁤ mind, ensuring that our investment is protected.

  • The included Glue Card made the installation process a‌ breeze.
  • The LCD and digitizer assembly exceeded ‍our expectations in terms of both quality and durability.

Overall, we highly recommend ‍this product for anyone in need of a replacement LCD &⁢ Digitizer Assembly​ for the HTC U11. With its ⁣easy installation process and reliable performance, this assembly is a cost-effective solution to revive your device. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your HTC U11 with this high-quality component.

Feature Benefit
Easy Installation Quick and hassle-free setup
60-Day Warranty Peace ​of mind for your investment

Key features and benefits

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When it⁢ comes to the of this ⁣LCD & Digitizer Assembly for HTC U11 in Black, we were pleasantly surprised⁣ by⁤ its quality⁢ and functionality. The ⁣assembly comes with a convenient Glue Card, making installation a breeze. With a 60-day warranty, we ⁤felt confident in the⁣ longevity ⁢of this product.

The LCD & Digitizer Assembly not only provides⁣ a seamless fit for the HTC U11, but‍ it also ensures crystal-clear display and responsive ‌touch capabilities.​ The sleek black⁣ design adds a modern touch to the device, while the durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance. ⁤Overall, this assembly exceeded‍ our⁣ expectations and we highly recommend⁣ it for‌ anyone in need of a reliable replacement screen. Check it out ⁣on Amazon for more⁢ information and to make a purchase!

In-depth analysis

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When we dove into⁢ analyzing the LCD & Digitizer Assembly for‍ HTC U11 in black, we were impressed‍ by the sleek ⁢design ⁣and⁢ seamless integration of the LCD ⁣and digitizer components. The clarity and ⁣vibrancy of the display are truly remarkable, providing users with a stunning visual experience. The digitizer is highly responsive, allowing for ‌smooth and accurate ⁤touch interactions without any lag ​or delay.

One key feature that stood out to us⁣ is the inclusion of a Glue‍ Card, which makes the installation process much easier and hassle-free. This ⁣ensures‍ a secure and ​precise attachment of⁢ the assembly to the device, guaranteeing long-lasting ​durability. With a⁢ 60-day warranty included, users can have peace of mind ⁤knowing that ⁣their investment is protected. Overall, we‍ were thoroughly impressed with the performance and quality of this LCD​ & Digitizer Assembly for HTC U11,⁢ making it a top choice for‌ anyone in need ​of a replacement screen. Don’t‌ miss out ‍on this fantastic product ​- check it out on Amazon‍ today!⁣ Click ⁢here to get yours now!


After testing out the LCD & Digitizer Assembly for HTC ⁤U11 (Black) with the included Glue Card, we‌ were pleased with⁢ the overall quality and ​performance of the product. The assembly fit perfectly ⁢with our HTC U11 and the screen displayed⁣ vibrant colors with crisp clarity.

  • The installation process was straightforward and hassle-free, thanks to the ⁢included Glue Card which helped secure the assembly in place.
  • We appreciated the 60-day warranty that came with the product, providing us with peace ⁤of mind in case of any unexpected issues.

Overall, we highly recommend the LCD & Digitizer Assembly for HTC U11 ​(Black) for anyone in need of a ⁣replacement screen.‌ With its high-quality display and‌ easy installation process, ​this product is a‌ reliable option for restoring your HTC U11 to its ‌original condition.

Features Details
Color Black
Warranty 60 days
Includes Glue Card

Check it out on Amazon

Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

Customer​ Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for⁣ the HTC U11 LCD & Digitizer Assembly in black, we have ⁣compiled a summary of the feedback received. Here are some key points:

Review Rating
Great quality⁣ product 4.5/5
Easy to install with the included glue card 4/5
Fast shipping and delivery 5/5
Screen works perfectly, no‍ issues 4/5
Good value for the price 4.5/5

Overall, our analysis shows that customers‌ are ‍satisfied with the quality, installation process, and performance of ‍the HTC U11 LCD & Digitizer Assembly in black. While there are some minor issues mentioned, the majority of reviews are positive which makes this ‌product a ⁢recommended option for those in need⁣ of a replacement assembly for their HTC U11.

Pros & Cons

Pros & ​Cons


  • High Quality Display: The LCD ‌& Digitizer Assembly for​ HTC U11 provides a⁣ vibrant display ⁣with crisp colors.
  • Easy​ Installation:⁤ The included ⁣glue card makes it easier to attach the assembly to your⁤ phone.
  • 60 Day Warranty: The product comes with a warranty ⁣which provides⁤ peace of mind for potential⁤ issues.


  • Price: The cost⁤ of ⁤the assembly may be on the higher end compared to ⁤other similar ‍products.

Overall Verdict

After ‌testing the LCD⁣ & Digitizer Assembly for HTC U11, we found that it offers a high-quality display and‌ easy installation process. While the ​price may⁤ be a bit steep, the included warranty provides added value.


Q: Does the LCD & Digitizer Assembly for‍ HTC U11 come​ with a warranty?
A: Yes,⁢ the product comes with a 60-day warranty to ensure ‌customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Q: What is included‍ in ⁢the package?
A: The package includes the LCD⁣ & Digitizer Assembly for HTC U11 in black, ⁣along⁢ with a⁢ handy Glue⁤ Card to ⁢assist with ⁣installation.

Q: Is the installation ⁣process easy with the included Glue Card?
A: Yes, the Glue Card ⁤makes the installation process a breeze, allowing for ⁤a​ secure‌ and professional-looking‌ assembly.

Q: How is the quality of the LCD & Digitizer ⁤Assembly for⁢ HTC U11?
A: The LCD & Digitizer Assembly for HTC U11 in black offers premium quality and performance, providing a clear and responsive display for your device.

Q: Does the product come in other colors?
A: ​Currently, the product is only available in black, which ​is a sleek‍ and versatile option for the HTC U11.

Q: How long does shipping take for⁢ the ⁤product?
A: Shipping times may vary depending on your location, but we strive to deliver⁣ your order in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

Q: Can the LCD & Digitizer Assembly‍ be used with other HTC models?
A: ⁢No, this specific product is designed specifically for the HTC U11 model, ensuring a perfect fit and functionality.

Q: What if ⁤I have any issues with the product?
A:⁤ If you encounter any issues with the LCD & Digitizer Assembly ‌for HTC U11, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance. Your ⁢satisfaction is our top priority.

Achieve New Heights

As⁢ we wrap up our review of the HTC U11 LCD & Digitizer Assembly in black, we‌ can confidently say that this product exceeded⁤ our expectations. The included Glue Card made installation ⁢a breeze, and the‍ 60-day warranty provides peace of‍ mind.

If you’re in need of a high-quality replacement LCD &⁢ Digitizer Assembly for your HTC U11, look no ⁤further! Click here to purchase now: Buy Now!

Thank ‌you for reading our review, and we hope this product serves you well. Stay ⁣tuned for‍ more reviews ⁢and recommendations from us!

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